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#Dadventure – Father’s Day

On the way to Camino de Santiago

My dad is the reason I am interested in the outdoors. Growing up he would always bring the family out on walks which I would agree to as long as they were “mucky walks”. He brought me on my first camping trip to the Burren, bought me my first penknife on holiday in West Carbery when I found the portal tomb we had been searching for in a field (don’t worry, it was a very small penknife). So far in 2017, we’ve been up Lugnaquilla, Slievenamon and done 5 days on the Camino de Santiago. That’s a good number of #dadventures if you ask me.

Last week, I decided to do something different and invited him on a climbing taster session at Awesome Walls. It was something he had never done before and he had a lot of questions for our instructor Niamh. I didn’t realise it would be such a bonding session as we checked each others harnesses, knots and belay loops (all under the watchful gaze of our instructor).

I definitely had to trust in him as he was responsible for belaying me – I must say he tested that trust when I reached the top and was ready to abseil down but he left me hanging while he asked Niamh a few more questions about the physics of climbing. Then came my turn to belay him-  which was fun, especially as his weight almost brought me up the wall…That’s physics for you!

We spent just two hours at the Wall but already we have planned to go back- before we forget how to tie our harness loops. Learning a new skill together was great fun and shows that you’re never too old for another #dadventure.

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