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A full charge with The Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar 



Since the original Garmin Fenix was released in 2012 the Fenix line of watches has been a “top of the pyramid” wearable for all outdoor enthusiasts and fitness fanatics. Through the years of stocking these watches and receiving customer feedback as well as staff experiences using the products, we have been amazed at how far the watches have come in such a short period of time.

The Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar and 6S Pro Solar were both released in July, adding to the extensive Fenix 6 family, where different models provide different features. To briefly summarize the range: The 6S is smaller and the 6X is bigger. The Pro watches feature Garmin Pay, Wifi, Maps and Music Storage, as do the Sapphire versions however they also use a more durable glass. The “non-Pro” versions do not have these features. The addition of the word “Solar” at the end indicates that the watch has solar charging capabilities. Are you still with me?

The who, what, when, where, why?

Who is the Fenix 6 Pro Solar for? The die-hard fitness fanatic that wants the very best in stats and analysis of their activities. A multisport (such as triathlon) athlete looking to log their training as well as their races with one device. An outdoor enthusiast that would benefit from having a topographical map on their wrist at all times. A mountaineer that wants to keep and eye on their acclimatization to altitude based on SpO2 (Oxygen saturation in the bloodstream) readings. Or someone who wants the latest and greatest Garmin Tech on their wrist.

Fenix 6 Training status Load Focus

What is the Fenix 6 Pro Solar? A “one and done” GPS fitness wearable & smartwatch that accurately measures your activities, sleep, gives recovery times, VO2 Max, SpO2, Training Load, Training Focus, provides smart notifications, music storage, mapping and a customisable interface through Connect IQ.

When was the Fenix 6 Pro Solar Released? July this year.

Where to get the Fenix 6 Pro Solar? If you wish to purchase one you can order one through our website. Alternatively you can call us, pop into the store or send us a message to discuss the range of watches in more depth.

Why? Because it is awesome!

A full charge on the Fenix 6 Pro Solar. 

Recently we put the watch through its paces to see how much we could get out of one charge on this watch. The results shocked us! This is the video that we made from that experiment. 

The expanded conclusion 

On one full charge we got:

18 hours 46 minutes of GPS activity (out of a possible 36 hours only in GPS mode). This should have used 52% of the battery leaving just under 7 days of smartwatch mode on the battery. However the battery lasted for 11 days of use (out of a possible 14 days with no GPS use).

This means that the solar capabilities of the Fenix 6 Pro Solar added 4 days of battery life to the watch! Not to mention that I also used music for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes on this charge which is known to have a large impact on battery life, I did over 2 hours of non-GPS activity (Yoga, Breathwork & Bouldering) and I left all the battery saver modes off for the entire 11 days. 

We are very impressed overall with this watch and it comes highly recommended. 


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