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Sleeping Mat Donations

Well done to all of our customers and friends who have donated more than 2,000 mats & survival blankets to homeless people around Ireland.

Just over a week ago, at the suggestion of one of our customers Barry O’Flanagan, we pledged to sell mats & blankets for €7 to help the homeless of Dublin.

According to the Simon Community there are currently around 168 “rough sleepers” in Dublin and around 174 in Cork. To help with this, we were striving to reach around 500 donations of the mat and blanket set.

To date we’ve received just over 2,000 orders which will benefit the homeless sleeping rough nationwide. To put this into context this will not only benefit those sleeping rough for a significant period of time but also those in temporary accommodation or those on the street during the day throughout the winter months.

The charities/volunteer organisations benefited to date are:

– Simon Community
– Tiglin Rehab Centre ‘No Bucks Bus’
– Lions Club
– Merchant Quay Project
– Inner City Helping The Homeless

This list will expand as the final deliveries of the mats and blankets arrive.

Thanks to generosity of Barry and all the others who donated both their time and money we’ve surpassed our goal of helping the homeless in Dublin and have been able to provide support nationwide.

If you would like to help the homeless we would encourage you make contact with your local charity or a national charity such as Focus Ireland or The Simon Community

On behalf of all the staff at Great Outdoors, Thank you.

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